Take Yourself to the Top – Be on Top of Things!

When I made up my mind years ago to go the path of greatness; I told myself that I know who I am. I have at my fingertips what it takes to rule my world and live a beautiful life in this wonderful world.

I received all the great inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability and skills; gave them form and expression through the power of responding to my spirit. I activated my world of cause to be full of my greatness, seeing every reverse of fortune and art that dash my hope as a perfect platform to move forward and upward moderately.

This special character came into test when I sent my first book to print. In a way that was not looking real to me, the publisher was delaying the publishing of first 2,000 copies of my 212 pages book, even after I have paid him the amount he requested.

When I found out that he had spent the money, to acquire his new generator-set after his series of tricks; I refused to allow him stop me from bringing my remarkable creativity to public notice. I payed him another money to urgently print my book in view of the fact that I was at the last minute of putting forth my book.

Still at the time following all relevant others, something striking happened.It was one occurrence that makes me show joy with a smile and an usually explosive sound each time I remember it. As we were making our way with the books out of the premises of the publishing company at about 4:20 GMT after working all through the time from before dusk to dawn, to ensure the target is met; group of boys attacked us and made away with our cell phones and wallets but did not lay hands on the books.